There are many risks associated with the Ethbet token, just like with Ethereum.

Do not participate in the Ethbet crowdsale unless you fully understand the risks outlined on this page.


The entire Ethbet project is dependent on Ethereum; a critical issue in Ethereum could prove significantly detrimental or fatal to Ethbet.

Users that are not well-versed with handling, storing, and transmitting cryptocurrencies should not purchase Ethbet tokens.

Ethbet is not liable for any mistakes that users make, including but not limited to, sending from an exchange wallet, losing their private keys, or otherwise losing access to their funds or tokens.

There is no guarantee or expectation that Ethbet tokens purchased will increase in value, provide a return, or will have sufficient adoption and liquidity to enable exchange for other assets.

There is no guarantee that blockchain technology and smart contracts, especially those related to gambling, will remain legal, unregulated, and usable within your legal jurisdiction, even if they presently are.

Owning Ethbet tokens does not constitute a share of, equity of, or ownership of the Ethbet platform.

Do not purchase Ethbet tokens if it is illegal in your jurisdiction.

There are many risks, both known and unknown, that are involved with cryptographic assets, including Ethereum and Ethbet tokens. These risks include but are not limited to critical bugs, security flaws, difficulty scaling, denial of service, and the risk of new cryptographic breakthroughs.

The Ethbet whitepaper does not constitute a prospectus of any sort, and is not an Initial Public Offering or Share/Equity offering. The tokens involved with Ethbet do not in any way involve any form of ordinary shares in Ethbet, and no dividends are guaranteed on Ethbet tokens. Fiat currency is not accepted in the Ethbet crowdfund.

Ethereum is an experimental technology and all possible future risks cannot be enumerated here. Ethbet is not responsible or any losses that may occur. Please exercise caution with all cryptographic assets and do not invest money that you cannot afford to lose.