Information We Collect

The Ethbet website ( collects information with every web request that is made. This information includes your IP address, the page you requested, your user agent, and other information that your browser provides. does not collect any information such as emails, passwords, or payment information.

What this information is used for

The information that collects is used exclusively for internal analytics, helping to improve the website and understand what visitors do.

Who this information is shared with uses only local analytics (data is stored on the server locally - not with a third party such as Google). This information is not shared with any other companies for any purpose.

Cookies that sets

Users of the website that have cookies turned on will receive a cookie from Cloudflare, our CDN, as well as cookies from The cookies from are used to track user sessions, allowing us to use local analytics. You are free to disable cookies or remove them from your browser locally if you wish.