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No Registration, No Deposits.

As Ethbet uses smart contracts, it does not require user registration or deposits into untrusted websites. Winnings can be awarded instantly.


Ethbet runs on the Ethereum blockchain and has no central authority or house - players play against each other instead.

Zero or Negligible House Edge

Due to its peer-to-peer nature, Ethbet is able to offer the lowest possible house edge that the market allows for.

Provably Fair

Ethbet uses a provably-fair source of randomness for all bets, guaranteeing that no party can manipulate the results.

Fully Transparent

All bets, results, fairness proofs, and source code, and smart contracts are publicly available.


The input of the community and users is taken into account to help drive Ethbet forward in the best possible direction.

Players don't have to pay a house edge if there's no house.

Even the most popular cryptocurrency dicing games demand a house edge of 1% or more. This house edge is applied to every bet a player makes, slowly ensuring players lose all of their money to the house. Ethbet solves this problem by removing the house entirely, allowing players to place bets against each other instead. The result of this is that Ethbet is able to offer superior returns and lower fees to its players than all of its competitors.

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Powered by Ethereum

The ethbet platform and protocol are powered by Ethereum, the second most popular cryptocurrency in the world, allowing Ethbet to be decentralized, trustless, and transparent.

Peer to Peer

Peer to Peer

Instead of playing against a house, players play against each other. This allows them to receive an expected return higher than that offered by any other platform.

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Open Source

All of Ethbet's source code including its smart contracts, relay, and website, are open source, allowing anyone to view and inspect them on the blockchain or online. Extensive security audits and testing are performed before features are deployed and go live.

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The Final Step in the Evolution of Online Gambling

With the advent of cryptocurrencies, options for online gambling have significantly improved over the last decade. House edges have become lower, barriers to entry have decreased, and provable fairness has been implemented. Even with these improvements, all forms of gambling force players to pay a house edge to a centralized party, even if that party allows others to invest in it. The next step in this progression is removing the house altogether. With network effects, Ethbet will offer a house edge lower than every competitor. Any player that wishes to maximize their expected return will rationally decide to use Ethbet over other less-profitable alternatives.

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Purchase Ethbet tokens (EBET) on HitBTC or EtherDelta

Ethbet tokens are used to bet on the Ethbet platform. The original tokens offered during the crowdsale sold out quickly, but EBET is still available for purchase on various cryptocurrency exchanges.

If you would like to purchase Ethbet, please use ETH to purchase it on either HitBTC or EtherDelta. HitBTC is suggested for new users due to its better usability and higher liquidity.